Onsite Hypochlorite generators Revamping

Revamp hypochlorite generators with improved chlorine production, lower energy consumption.

Recoating of Electrodes - Assembly

Re-coating of plate electrodes involves removal of plate assembly from the cell housing, removal of old coating, application of fresh coating. The old plates undergoes various treatment process and the freshly coated electrodes are placed and arranged to restore the require capacity of the cell. The resulting electrodes are thus a combination of an old inner plate and a new outer envelope, with an outer surface coating on the envelope.

Replacement Electrolyzer Cells

TiTaN's cost-effective ATMA® coating technology has resulted in the design of electrolytic cells with proper electrode arrangements for the existing on-site hypochlorite generating system or other existing industrial or domestic chlorinator models.

The new cell design offers improved chlorine production, lower energy consumption, reduced operating costs, maintenance free self cleaning electrolyzers and easy installation. Electrolyzers can be supplied as frame with standard FRP channels and angles or SS 316L metallic enclosure - skid mounted or as loose components or modules.

TiTaN can replace or refurbish electrolyzers of all hypochlorite models in the market, including plate cell, tubular electrolyser, disc or mesh electrolyzers with configuration either monopolar or bipolar.