Low Temperature Thermal Desalination

efficient, economic thermal process for production of fresh drinking water

Low temperature thermal desalination (LTTD) process uses the available temperature gradient between two water bodies or flows to evaporate the warmer water at low pressures and condense the resultant vapour with the colder water to obtain fresh water. 

TiTaN's Low Temperature Thermal desalination plant operates utilizing flash evaporator, main condenser, vacuum pumping system, fresh water and warm water pumps. Producing fresh water from seawater is made simple with the efficient, cost-effective and economic  TiTaN-LTTD Process Technology. 

THE PROCESSThe surface sea water (warm water) at a temperature of 280C - 300C is pumped into flash chamber maintained under a low pressure. The warm sea water in the flash chamber evaporates waith the maintained low pressure. The evaporated water vapour moves towards condenser with the cold sea water pumped from lower layers of sea and involves condensation. The condensate produced is fresh water of high quality and used for human consumption.

Capacity Range

TiTaN-LTTD 100 100 4000
TiTaN-LTTD 150 150 6000
TiTaN-LTTD 300 300 12000
TiTaN-LTTD 500 500 20000
TiTaN-LTTD 1000 1000 40000
TiTaN-LTTD 2000 2000 80000
TiTaN-LTTD 3000 3000 120000
TiTaN-LTTD 4000 4000 160000
TiTaN-LTTD 5000 5000 200000