treat, disinfect & discharge or recycle industrial waste : eco safe industrial effluent processing


INDUSTRIAL POLLUTION contaminates and degrades the environment in many more ways, interfering with the growth rate of species, the food chain and the health of those in contact with the environment. Hence the discharge of industrial waste should comply the standards with different parameters of their waste streams, like physical properties (such as temperature, colour, odour and turbidity), chemical properties (i.e. pH, total dissolved solids (TSS), biological oxygen demand (BOD), detergents and petroleum residues). 

Electrochemical Treatment (electrolysis) of Industrial effluents offers distinct advantages over other treatment systems - clean and safe process, using only electrons and utilizing no chemicals (generated electrochemically) treatments. The electrochemical reactions that occurs at the electrochemical reactors (electrolysers / cells) while passing polluted water between electrodes with indirect/direct oxidation/reduction reactions throughout the process to treat solid, liquid and gas pollutants. Electrochemical Effluent Treatment Process offers an economically viable alternative process to conventional chemical and biological treatment systems.

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TiTaN®, with 3 decades of experience in electrochemical technology provides RT ECO™ industrial effluent treatment system (ECOLOGICAL TREATMENT) for continuous treatment of industrial waste, the most effective, SAFE, ECO-FRIENDLY AND NON HAZARDOUS METHOD OF TREATING INDUSTRIAL EFFLUENT / WASTE, making INDUSTRIAL WASTE STREAMS MAXIMUM FREE FROM toxic or recalcitrant materials, colour, heavy metals, oil/water, emulsions, synthetic oils OF BACTERIAL CONTAMINANTS BY NEUTRALIZING, DISINFECTING AND DEODORISING. 

TiTaN®s' RT ECO™ Industrial Effluent Treatment System effectively removes, oxygen demanding organisms and substances (BODs), Chemical Oxygen Demand (CODs) from industrial waste and waste streams that are difficult to treat (heavy metals, recalcitrant organics & colours).  RT ECO™, a multi-functional, bio-friendly system OFFERS safe, reliable and secure solution for TREATMENT OF INDUSTRIAL WASTE STREAMS AND DISINFECTION OF VARIOUS CONTAMINANTS in waste streams. 

TiTaN®s' standard EFFLUENT TREATMENT SYSTEM are offered as either modular, skid assembled or containerized (ETP) system which manage the whole treatment process. TiTaN®s' RT ECO™ design ensures adequate provisions for either retrofit or for new builds and can be configured to suit the available space and layout of industrial systems.

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  • Easy to operate
  • Silent Operation
  • Long service life
  • Safe & Efficient Effluent Treatment
  • Absolute removal of sludge
  • Compact & require less space
  • Easy to install & maintain
  • No Hazardous chemicals used or evolved


  • Pharmaceutical Effluent treatment system
  • Drugs industry waste treatment ETP System
  • Refineries effluent treatment system
  • Electronic industrial waste treatment ETP
  • Oil Rigs & Platforms sewage treatment

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