About Us

Noble Eco Systems manufactures and supplies advanced, water, wastewater treatment and disinfection systems that are built with cutting-edge technology in the industry. NES delivers products, solutions and services to ensure water quality and offers municipal and industrial clients professional services including the design, construction and commissioning of water and wastewater treatment and disinfection plants.

Noble Eco Systems continues at the forefront of electrochemical technologies, provides turnkey water treatment systems, services for any potable water, coastal water(seawater) intake industries, sewage or industrial wastewater requirement.

Our Products

Rural, Urban water treatment

NOBLE CHLOR ® Brine based continuous, batch operated disinfection systems for drinking water disinfection.

Seawater Treatment

RT CHLOR ® effective disinfection systems for Seawater intaking industries.

Wastewater Reuse

RT ECO ® Advanced wastewater recycling Systems regulatory authorities.

High Strength Hypochlorite Production Plant

RT HYPOFORTE ® Bleach Production Plant.

Sewage Treatment Systems

RT Pure ® advanced sewage treatment systems for Water Recycling black and gray water.